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How To Transfer Money From UOB to POSB?

Are you looking to transfer money from UOB to POSB?

It is easy to do through UOB ibanking.

Let’s find out how to do it step-by-step for UOB transfer to POSB.

How To Transfer From UOB To POSB Savings

1) Log in to UOB internet banking


2) Go to “Pay and Transfer” -> “Transfer Funds”

UOB - Pay and Transfer - Transfer Funds

3) There are 2 ways to transfer money from UOB to POSB.

If you have not add the POSB account number to your account before;

3.1) Option 1: Click on “OTHERS

UOB - Transfer Fund - Other

3.1.1) Click on “Add Payee”

UOB - Transfer Fund - Others - Add Payee

3.1.2) Click on “ACCOUNT NUMBER” & Fill in the payee details

UOB - Transfer Fund - Others - Add Payee - Fill Details

3.1.3) Go back to “OTHERS” tab and click on the POSB account that you just added

UOB - Transfer Fund - Others - Select POSB Account

3.1.4) Fill in the necessary details

UOB - Transfer Fund - Others - POSB Account - Details

3.2) Option 2: Click on “One-Time Transfer” & choose “Account No.

UOB - Transfer Fund - One Time Transfer

UOB fund transfer to other banks such as POSB/DBS can be done via FAST which allows the money to be transferred over instantly.

The daily transfer limit depends on the limit settings of your account, it can be changed easily.

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