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Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator

Yeah! You have found the fixed deposit account that gives you the highest interest rate.

But the amount of interest earned depends on how much you place in it.

You can use this simple FD interest calculator to calculate the potential amount of interest earned for the amount placed.

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(Note: Please give a moment for the calculator to load)

How To Use?

  1. Amount of Deposit: Enter the amount that you wanted to place in it.
  2. Deposit Period: Enter the tenor period.
  3. Interest Rate: Enter the interest rate offered.
  4. Calculate: Click this button for calculation.


Using this fixed deposit account as an example,

You key in the values accordingly.

For a placement of $25,000, for a period of 12 months, at an interest rate of 1.30% p.a, the interest you can get is $325.

You can always click the “Calculate again” button to recalculate again.

Hope this calculator is useful for you!

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